Don’t try this at home, kids…

Short games and interesting puzzles. At an easy to medium level of complexity – difficult enough so that you won’t get bored, but easy enough so that it does not burn you out. Beware – some of these games you can’t save the level you are on, so you have to start over at level 1 if you close the window AND try not to spoil it – DON’T USE THE WALKTHROUGH!!! :):

1. Mazes Amazes

Navigate through each “multi-floored” maze while collecting parts of a key that unlocks a door that allows you to start the next level.

2.The Convergence

A “guy meets girl” game about “finding balance”. Boy and girl mirror each other and the next level is activated when both hits “their trigger” at the same moment. (This game will only work in Chrome…)

3. Persuit of hat

This one might freak you out… You are a creature that can dismember yourself to climb through holes or use them to activate triggers! Why? Your hat keeps going missing! Interesting puzzles with many doors and triggers makes this a challenging game. Sometimes timing really is everything too…

4. Hidden objects: Rooms

Hunt for the objects (you are shown images of objects) that you are challenged to find in messy and interesting rooms.

5. Hidden objects: Kitchen

A slightly different take – you are shown “outlines” of objects that are hidden in a crowded room.

6. Colour my world

A love story with puzzles: Navigate your way to safety by solving the puzzles.

7. 3D Block Match

A “Tetris-like” game… Different coloured blocks cascade from the top to the bottom of the screen. Catch and match them. The higher your stack, the higher your points. Some levels gives you a particular instruction/mission, that gives this game an interesting twist.

8. Legend of the Golden Mask

You are a partner on a quest to find out what happened to the game’s heroine’s uncle, an explorer and treasure hunter, who some years before vanished while on an expedition to find a mythological/historical Mask and then never returned… Puzzles – find the hidden objects.

9. Tilt

Tilt the screen/”game board” to move the playing piece/pieces into a hole allocated to “take them home”. Spatial/balance/coordination…

10. Coffee Rush

Multi-tasking! This game took me right back to my waitressing days. Demo version is too short…

11. Wonder Putt

Most amazingly rendered mini golf game – wonderfully wonderful! LOVED

12. Bloxorz

Fit a rectangular block into a sqaure hole… Spatial/depth/coordination.

13. SpongeBob quest game

Quest/adventure. Includes short games that exercise speed of response, memory, multitasking, maths, etc.

14. Fishing

just for fun, even if you do not decide to play… open this game and look at the pretty fish and how well it was done! Play in Chrome

15. Atomic Sea

Fishing of a different kind. Beautifully done. Another must play.

16. Earth Taken

Earth has been invaded by aliens and the government betrayed the people. You escape and join the resistance. You are sent on missions: Dodge the enemy, explore the levels. Finally escape the city.

17. Unblock-it

A “get out of the parking lot game” 🙂 nice puzzles can also be played as 2 player games. Levels you unlock can be accessed again.

18. Rolling fall

Get rid of all the zombies by knocking them down from their “perches” (puzzle).

19. Warbears

Your team of agents (warbears), are trying to stop a gang of thieves (not warbears) from robbing a bank. From freeing hostages, hacking computer systems, flooded rooms… to stealing scooters from pizza delivery guys to get to the bank in time… What is a warbear? Play the game and find out! 😀

20. Samarost

Your Puppy gets kidnapped by Aliens. Your quest is to save him. Another must play game!

21. LightBot!!!

And my favourite! You “program” a little robot using functions with your “main method” to switch on factory lights. Wondering if computer programming is for you? This game is a fun way to test and try it out 🙂

22. The Gentleman

Lessons in being/becoming a gentleman. I particularly liked the twist in the tale at the end. Really loved this game. Enjoy the journey.